The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course is very in-depth and contains a lot of valuable content, over 40+ hours worth.  We're often always adding new content and training inside the member's area.

To answer the question, it'll take several months to fully "complete" the course in its entirety.  However, you don't need to complete 100% of the course in order to get your business set up and starting to have success.  Affiliate Marketing Mastery starts out for beginners and then gets more advanced over time. It's set up so that you'll benefit from the course years in the future, based on where you're at with your online business.

When you join Affiliate Marketing Mastery, you get lifetime access to the training, which means you can go through it at any pace you like.  We have members that continue going back to the training over many years, utilizing different strategies that benefit their business.

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