If you're starting affiliate marketing from scratch, or even our Affiliate Marketing Mastery course, then there will be some additional costs involved in getting your online business up and running.

The first is setting up a website, which is often required when applying to join certain affiliate programs (Amazon's affiliate program for example).  To set up a website, you'll need to pay for hosting (usually $5-10/month), as well as a domain name (usually $10/year).  Inside our Affiliate Marketing Mastery course, as a special bonus, we can set you up with a website for FREE... however, you'll need to just pay for the hosting and domain name.

Beyond that, depending on which strategies you want to utilize, there can be additional costs involved in them.  For example, if you want to set up your own e-mail list, then you often need to pay for a tool/software that helps with that.

There are many ways you can get traffic and market online that don't cost any money, such as through writing articles, creating YouTube videos, or your own social media content.  However, if you want to run ads on Facebook or other platforms, then this will cost additional money.

The goal of Affiliate Marketing Mastery is to help you build your online business inexpensively, giving you the best options to create success and avoiding any unnecessary expenses.  You'll likely want to have a budget of a couple hundred dollars to get started, as it will make it a bit easier for you to invest in your business and get it up and running from the start.

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