Stefan is of the mindset that if you can’t invest in training or coaching, then you must invest in it.

If a person can’t figure out how to get their hands on the money to invest in training or coaching, then they MUST invest in themselves because these problems aren’t going to change based on what they’re already doing or being exposed to.  

Often times, when someone says “I can’t afford something”, it’s a belief system that isn’t true - because they often find ways to afford the latest smartphone, to see the latest movie, or eat out for dinners.  It’s a natural belief system to have.  If you act naturally, you’re going to be like everyone else and get the same average results as everyone else and most people are not getting the results they want.

Extraordinary people find the way.  If they can’t find the way, they MAKE the way.  They understand that money is only a resource and when they want something bad enough, they fully commit and become resourceful enough to find the resources.  That’s what it takes to succeed, and that’s why if you say that you can’t “afford” something, Stefan would challenge you to question that belief, raise your standards, creativity, and resourcefulness to find a way.  That’s what committed people do.

Walt Disney goes out and calls 310 banks before he finally got someone to say “yes” to funding Disneyland.  Colonel Sanders, at 65 years old drives across the United States selling his fried chicken recipe and got turned down 1009 times before he heard his first yes, which started Kentucky Fried Chicken.  You look at anyone who has succeeded and you find that the one talent they harnessed was their resourcefulness and commitment to doing whatever it takes.

You need to learn to become committed and resourceful.  One person will say “I can’t afford to invest in myself” and their life stays exactly the same, while the other will say “I will find a way to afford this” and commit themselves fully and their life changes.  Which one will you be?

If you’re absolutely broke and struggling financially, then here’s an article that will walk you through the steps that I’d take to get yourself back on your feet financially and hopefully ensure you’re NEVER AGAIN in a position of not having money.