No, and you shouldn’t want them for free.  We’ve worked extremely hard and dedicated a lot of resources to create our products and services.  We believe in the value of them and the results they produce and believe it’s only fair for someone to give value in return by paying for them, in order to receive the value.

It’d not only be unfair for all of the other customers that have paid for our products and training, but it’d also be doing you a disservice.  By paying for a product or service, you’re making an investment in yourself.  You’re telling yourself that you’re worth it and committing to your own success.  How can you expect others to commit to your success if you aren’t even willing to commit yourself by paying for the training?  As the saying goes, “The more you pay, the more you pay attention”.  Those that commit themselves and invest in training, are the ones that are most likely to actually apply what they learn and get results.

Not only that, but part of becoming a successful person is learning how to be resourceful.  Money is only a resource, and resourceful people find the resources.  If we gave you something for free, then we’d be cheating you out of your own self-growth and resourcefulness to find a way to come up with the money and invest in yourself.  People that receive things for free are more likely to take things for granted, don’t grow as much because they didn’t earn or pay for it, and don’t learn how to really become resourceful and commit themselves fully.