Yes, absolutely. In fact, in both my K Money Mastery program and Affiliate Marketing Mastery, I recommend to use both Kindle publishing strategies and affiliate marketing together. Let me explain.

If you’re going to publish a Kindle book, then you’d want to ensure that you use that book to build a relationship with your readers and create an e-mail list. With an e-mail list, one of the easiest and best ways to monetize it is through affiliate marketing by promoting relevant, quality products and services that you can earn a commission. This is how you can monetize the back-end of your business, and in many cases, make more money from affiliate marketing than you will from your Kindle book sales.

Also, inside Affiliate Marketing Mastery, I teach how to build a brand, which consists of having a blog/website, as well as your e-mail list. One of the best ways to build your e-mail list is through publishing Kindle books on Amazon. Not only that, but with your blog/website, as well as e-mail list, you can promote and sell your Kindle books as well.

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