The best way is to get Amazon reviews for your Amazon product is going to come through you effectively marketing your product and having customers leave honest reviews for it as a result of your product adding value to your customer's life.

When it comes to Amazon reviews, many people are looking for short-cuts or a loophole that will allow them to get a lot of reviews.  No such thing exists.  And if it did, then it’s likely against Amazon’s Review Guidelines and will only end up hurting you long-term, as those reviews will get deleted and may even jeopardize your Seller Central account.

What Stefan aims to teach is less of a focus on reviews, but more of a focus on adding value with your product and effectively marketing it outside of Amazon.  This is what Amazon wants and is what will ultimately give you a competitive advantage over everyone else.

This means you need to put in the work and focus on long-term, sustainable strategies.

Stefan also believes in and teaches marketing strategies outside of Amazon, such as content marketing, social media marketing, and building an e-mail list.  When you market your product in this way, then it allows you to be less dependent on Amazon for traffic, you no longer have to worry about competition as much and reviews become less important.  In fact, as a result of marketing outside of Amazon and even building a brand, you’ll build a relationship of people in your market, have your own e-mail list of targeted buyers, be able to launch products with ease, and rank high on Amazon for different keywords.  

Amazon doesn’t want you to try to manipulate or mislead their customers.  They allow you to sell on their platform in hopes that you’ll promote Amazon and send more customers their way.  Amazon is more strict than ever when it comes to Amazon reviews, so always make sure you stay up to date on their guidelines and follow them.