Yes, absolutely.  We're constantly updating Mastering Book Publishing to ensure that it's top quality and helps our students.

The strategies that are taught inside Mastering Book Publishing are evergreen, meaning they’ll continue to work for as long as Amazon book publishing exists.  Mastering Book Publishing doesn’t focus on teaching “loopholes” or “gimmicks” or “shortcuts”, that will only work short-term but not last long-term.  We don’t believe in that.  

Stefan believes in teaching long-term, sustainable strategies that will allow you to make consistent income over many years.  That’s why Stefan has evolved Mastering Book Publishing to teaching marketing strategies that aren’t dependent on Amazon, as well as the “Parthenon” strategy to diversify your marketing and income.

Inside Mastering Book Publishing, you might notice that Amazon or the Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard looks a bit different than in the videos, but that’s only because Amazon or KDP continuously makes changes to the look and feel of their website.  There is no need for us to re-record a video every time that Amazon decides to change a color or the feel of their website, as Amazon is always testing things anyways and it’d be unnecessary as the strategies inside the training still remain relevant and effective.

If there’s anything that’s out of date or stops working, then we work hard to make improvements and ensure that Mastering Book Publishing continues to get our students results.  If you have any improvements or recommendations for us, we’re always open to your feedback and encourage members to contact us privately so that we can investigate and ensure that our strategies are up to date.