The best way for you to start making money online is to choose an online business model that you believe has the best potential for you and excites to you take massive action towards.  There’s many different ways of making money online, with all of the online business models having great potential.  It’s impossible to say which one is “the best”, as it depends what your goals are, what your passion is, and the lifestyle you desire.  

Stefan has often told people that the best online business model for them is the one that they believe in the most.  Whichever one you “buy into” having the biggest potential for you, that you believe you can do and will take action towards, is the one you’re most likely to achieve success with.

With that said, some online business models might be more newbie-friendly than others or more expensive to get started with.  We recommend that you take the Online Business Quiz to help you determine which is the best one to get started with.

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